Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Look at the Provinces V: Guangdong

Just up on our subscription blog is an analysis of the Guangdong orphanages.  We know from early reports about the Hunan scandal that Guangdong orphanages were involved, but which ones?  With recent Family Planning confiscation stories coming out of Hunan and Guizhou Provinces, can one find similar activities in Guangdong Province?  And how about all the older healthy children being referred?  Where are they coming from?  These and other questions are answered in this week's analysis.

Readers will find it all very interesting!

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Jena Heath said...

Brian, can you post detailed info. on Yangchun on the subscription blog? The Guangdong report is fascinating, but I'd love to see a break-out report on the Yangchun SWI.