Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Birth Parent Searches Are Simple (And Why Most Adoptive Families Will Never Succeed With Them)

Among the many e-groups devoted to China adoption are the newsgroups dedicated to families wanting to search for their child's birth family in China. These groups, whose members number in the hundreds, share ideas and anecdotes about how a successful search should be conducted.

Additionally, there are hundreds of families informally searching. These families don't belong to any formal groups, but seek information from other adoptive parents, agencies, and other respected sources of adoption information. They all share a common goal -- to locate their child's birth family in China.

Unfortunately, for most of them a successful birth parent search will remain an unfulfilled dream.

Over on our subscription blog I explain why. It is not that a search is overly complicated, it's not. It is that most families do things that will doom their search without their even knowing it.

If you have ever considered what is involved in a search, you will not want to miss this essay.