Friday, May 13, 2011

The Sale of a Child in Shaoyang

Caixin Magazine has published a second article (more will be forthcoming) detailing the efforts used by the Gaoping Family Planning to hide the origin of Yang Li Bing's daughter, including fabricating police reports, witness testimony, and other documents. Readers of our subscription blog will recognize such patterns, as we last week published an interview with an orphanage director who explained that nearly all "finder testimony" is fabricated by the orphanages. Additionally, as another interview with a "finder" on our subscription blog shows, finders are often coached by the orphanage in how to answer questions from adoptive families, using a "finding template" to answer questions about the finding.

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Anonymous said...

Brian, what can we do to help Yang Li Bing or other victims in this recent scandal? Is there any way we can assist them in their efforts?