Thursday, March 11, 2010

Information from Hunan: Thirteen Case Studies

On our subscription blog we have initiated our coverage of the Hunan trafficking records by tying thirteen trafficking cases of children into the Changning orphanage with our recent experience searching for birth families in Jiangxi Province. The reasons for our successes and failures in that project are illustrated by the Changning records. We study thirteen girls trafficked into the Changning orphanage between May 2002 and April 2003 by a single trafficker -- a nanny in the Changning orphanage. The process by which the orphanage hid the true origins of these thirteen children, including fabricating finding locations and other "abandonment" information, provides a template for viewing such information from other orphanages as well.

This is the first of many installments that will present the detailed records emerging from Hunan. We welcome all interested families to join us.

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