Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Holiday Specials

We have had requests from families about combining offerings that are not available automatically on our website, so here we go!  For the rest of December, we are offering the following "custom" packages:

1) Orphanage Data Book/Orphanage Report/Finding Ad
When ordered separately, these items total $126, but if ordered now we have reduced the total to just $99. This package is available for those orphanage we have produced data books for (, plus those orphanages that are currently in production, which are Beihai (Guangxi), Gaozhou (Guangdong), Huainan (Anhui), Huanggang (Hubei), Ningdu (Jiangxi), and Xiangfan (Hunan).

You will receive the orphanage data book, either the "Birth Parent Search Analysis" or our "Orphanage Reliability Analysis", as well as a photo and translation of your child's newspaper finding ad.

2) Custom Photo Books
If your child is from one of our "photo book" orphanages, we will customize your data book with the finding ad for no charge (normally $20).  This book is a fantastic way to introduce your child of their birth city, with each book having beautiful images from the area, its people and places.  These books make for great conversations.

3)  Premium Finding Ad/Orphanage Report
We have been collecting finding ad newspapers for over a decade, and probably have an extra copy of the original newspaper your child's finding ad appeared in.  Normally the finding ad photo and newspaper is available for $80, but if ordered with one of our orphanage reports this month, we will make the finding ad, original newspaper, translation, and orphanage report available for $99, a savings of $20.  Supplies of the original newspapers are extremely limited, so please email us to confirm availability.

None of these custom packages are available through our website.  To take advantage of either of these offerings, simply email us ( with your child's Chinese name and orphanage.  We will send you a Paypal invoice for the package, making ordering very easy.  We can positively guarantee that you will find these offerings informative and very useful. You will be the most informed adoptive family on your block!!  :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Older Child Interviews

Over the past few years, I can't tell you how many times we have heard from an adoptive family that wanted to have us talk to their older adoptive child about some facet of their pre-adoption history, only to learn that the child no longer remembered much.  These interviews usually took place more than a year after the adoption was completed, and after the child had begun to speak in their new language.  Unfortunately, in most cases, the year had brought a decline in both Chinese language abilities and in the quality of their memories.

To reduce the risk of this unfavorable outcome, Lan is now offering to conduct a post-adoption interview as soon as possible after the adoption is completed (even while a family is still in China).  The interview can be conducted by phone or Skype/QQ.  Lan will casually and lovingly talk to your child, and ask in a natural way any questions the adoptive family would like to know information about.  In this way, the adoptive parents can gain valuable insights into the adoption experience from their child's viewpoint, gain information about their time in the orphanage, and learn other important answers that may help the adoptive child and adoptee.

The audio of each conversation will be recorded for later review and archiving (your adoptive child will love hearing their Chinese down the road!).   A debriefing report will be provided by email to the adoptive family recapping all important points discussed. 

Lan will be offering this service for $50 per interview.  Lan brings an intimate familiarity with nearly every orphanage performing adoptions, so she will know what to ask, how to follow-through on the answers.  In other words, she will be able to talk to your child in the best way to get as much information for you as possible. 

Please contact Lan directly as with any questions, or to schedule an interview.  We can promise you will find this opportunity of great worth both now and in the future. 

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Foster Family Listings

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Since we have had a spike in foster family inquiries, I thought we would remind families of orphanages for which we have located foster families.  These families almost always have photos and other information for adoptive families, so it is crucially important that adoptive families do everything they can to locate them.

We have foster families located for the following orphanages:

Guangxi Province
Yulin City/First

Guangdong Province

Hubei Province

Hunan Province

Jiangxi Province
Shangrao (Ling/Rao)

To see if we have located your child's foster family, visit our foster family blog here.

Friday, October 24, 2014

"The Orphans of Shao"

The story started as a small notice on a remote Hunan government website detailing a lawsuit filed by families in a small Hunan village against the Family Planning Bureau in their area.  While researching the Hunan scandal, we discovered this story of Family Planning confiscations in Gaoping Village, Shaoyang City.  After writing about the story in 2006 in the context of the Hunan scandal, we were contacted to cooperate on a Dutch documentary in 2008 about twelve families that lost their children to Family Planning officials.  These children were sent to the Shaoyang orphanage, renamed "Shao" and adopted internationally.

Now, the Chinese journalist that first broadcast the story inside China has published an in-depth book on the event, providing valuable background context to a story that has deep and profound implications to China's international adoption program.  "The Orphans of Shao" "consists of case studies that exemplify more than 35-year long-lasting policy in China, the One-Child Policy. Due to the effect that the National Law has created, Mr. Pang exposed the corrupted adoption system in China. The farmers in many villages are forced to fines that they cannot afford to pay so the officials take their children away. The officials then sell the children for a low price to government orphanages. The orphanages then put these children up for international adoptions and collect the high prices fees for these adoptions. The international adoptions are usually in Europe and in the United States. These families that adopted these children truly believe that the children are orphans. After their children were kidnapped by the officials, the parents embarked on a long and draining odyssey to recover them. After searching fruitlessly for many years, the heartbroken and desperate parents were on the verge of losing all hope."

These stories must be heard, as painful as they are for most to read.  Purchase of the book benefits "Women's Rights in China," an NGO dedicated to prevent such stories from happening again.